Faith Szalay, Psy.D

A Process of Self-Discovery

My practice is devoted to working with adults, adolescents, couples and families to help them deal with difficulties in their relationships and in their personal lives.  I am a licensed Clinical Psychologist, and have received extensive training at such institutions as Children's Hospital, the Maple Counseling Center, and the Wright Institute, Los Angeles.  I received my B.A. (Summa Cum Laude) from Washington University in St. Louis, and my M.A. and doctorate in Psychology (Psy.D) from the California School of Professional Psychology.  I have been helping couples and individuals challenge themselves and improve their lives through therapy for 15 years.

I am continually inspired by the durability and complexity of the people with whom I work.  Often when people feel overwhelmed and defeated or scared, it can be a critical juncture for growth and recovery during which they can become aware of different aspects of themselves.  I help people shed their fear of different and previously unexplored aspects of themselves.  Armed with the safety of the therapeutic alliance, and with the knowledge that this process is for the betterment of themselves, I help people to face old patterns and beliefs and choose new and empowering options.  I believe that as people revisit the past in the context of the relationships and issues that are important to them in the present, powerful similarities and patterns often emerge.  By recognizing and safely re-experiencing these patterns in therapy, and by exploring how these patterns drive our responses to people and events, the road to personal healing and growth unfolds and positive change becomes possible.

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