Understanding Dreams in Santa Monica and Agoura


When “tended” to and understood, dreams can help deepen our understanding of ourselves, as they reveal buried dynamics about our relationships, feelings, fears and beliefs.  Understanding dreams through a therapeutic process can ultimately help to facilitate honest, intimate, and supportive encounters with others.  In addition, because of the metaphorical and universal symbolism often embedded in dreams, they can stimulate an awareness of the larger social framework in which we live. 


I have worked extensively in uncovering and understanding the language of dreams and the significance of dreams to therapy.  In 2001 I wrote The Power and Importance of Countertransference Dreams, which has been used by therapists to help understand the nature and language of their own dreams as well as those of their clients.  My approach to dreams incorporates the feelings that emerge from the dream in the light of day as well as the client's associations to the content – the impressions and possible meanings that manifest during and after the dreaming experience.  I believe it is important to understand the dream from a perspective that balances the latent (hidden) and manifest meanings of the dream.  This approach to dreams can help heal traumas and unresolved wounds, prepare one for new stages of life, provide new perspectives, reveal creative solutions, enrich the imagination, and help us to make healthy choices and decisions. 


In addition to working on dreams in individual therapy, I also periodically run a dream group.  Space is limited depending upon availability.